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By Arvid, 26 july 2023

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Announcement and Launch: Samsung Unpacked event

Today was the day of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 announcement event: Samsung Galaxy Unpacked July 2023. The new Galaxy Watch 6 has been announced alongside the new Fold and Flip phones. We spoke earlier about the rumours of the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 series. Now let’s see the official details which have been revealed.

The new strap of the Galaxy Watch 6

Before the watch was even announced, we noticed an interesting detail on the pre-order page for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 accessories. The new strap of the Galaxy Watch 6 features a button on the back for swapping out your strap with ease. This change is super exciting. Although it was rumoured before, we were still surprised by this awesome change.

galaxy watch 6 strap

Of course, we’re already preparing our facilities to get straps for the Galaxy Watch 6 that features a button to remove the strap. Keep an eye on our Galaxy Watch 6 straps page. Samsung has confirmed to us in private that all 20mm straps featuring a QuickRelease system will be interchangeable with the Galaxy Watch 6 series.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Design

The first thing that was revealed to us is the design of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 series. As expected, we’re seeing the regular version and a return of the ‘Classic’. This Classic has the rotating bezel which is used for controlling the watch and is a visible distinction on the outside.

galaxy watch 6 release

The design is not far off from what we’ve seen before in the Series 4 and Series 5. As we’ve predicted, Samsung is most likely transforming their series into something similar to the Apple Watch: A recognisable watch that has a similar design every year to maintain it’s instantly recognisable visual. The sizes are confirmed as followed:

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 - 40mm (regular version)
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 - 44mm (regular version)
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic - 43mm
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic - 47mm

Focus on sleep

Samsung says the Galaxy Watch 6 series has a big focus on sleep, as it is vital to our overall health. We’ve seen recent releases like the Fitbit Versa 4 and Fitbit Sense 2 surpass Samsung in their sleep tracking capabilities, so it’s a welcome change in our opinion.

The new Galaxy Watch 6 promises to deliver a far more accurate sleep monitor that measures amount and quality of sleep. Different stages of the sleep cycle are identified and reported to you in the morning.

A new PPG sensor has an accurate heart rate sensor that determines the amount of sleep and quality of sleep you get. There’s 4 stages: deep sleep, light sleep, REM, and being awake. A ‘sleep animal’ can be assigned to you after your sleep style is determined.

The sleep animal is a way to characterise the type of sleep you have. In the example on the live stream, we see the penguin: Someone who falls asleep and wakes up at very similar times every day, but wakes up too much during the night.

Better heart rate tracking

The heart rate sensor is not just used for sleep, but of course for working out as well. The new heart sensor has an inbuilt Irregular Heart Rate Notification, or IHRN. It can help detect atrial fibrillation and other heart rate irregularities. 

Of course the heart rate tracking is also used to help during your workout. New heart rate zone software will determine which heart rate zone is optimal for you to work out in. If you go into the next zone above, the watch will notify you to slow down. If you fall below the zone you’re meant to be in, it will encourage you to pick up the pace.

The Galaxy Watch 6 Classic

The Classic is returning once again, after being featured first on the Galaxy Watch 4 series. There’s no Pro variant this year around. The Classic features a rotating bezel for controlling the watch. This bezel gives the watch its signature ‘Classic’ look.

galaxy watch 6 classic strap

The new rotating bezels are noticeably thinner than on the Galaxy Watch 4 series. It’s available in new sizes: 43mm and 47mm. Although the displays remain the same between the normal version and the Classic. It’s available in black and silver.

Galaxy Watch 6 prices and release date

The official prices of the Galaxy Watch 6 series are confirmed. Below is an overview. You can pre-order the Watch 6 already on Samsung’s website. The official release date of the Galaxy Watch 6 appears to be the 3rd of August, 2023



Bluetooth + 4G

Galaxy Watch 6 (40mm)

£ 289,00

£ 339,00

Galaxy Watch 6 (44mm)

£ 319,00

£ 369,00

Galaxy Watch 6 Classic (43mm)

£ 369,00

£ 429,00

Galaxy Watch 6 Classic (47mm)

£ 399,00

£ 459,00

In summary

We’re excited for this new launch. There’s quite a bit of new features and changes coming to the Galaxy Watch 6 series. Make sure to keep an eye on our blog page for the review that’s coming soon. As well as our Galaxy Watch 6 strap page for our new straps that fit perfectly with your brand new watch.

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