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By Arvid, 4 august 2023

Everything you need to know about the new Galaxy Watch 6 straps

The Galaxy Watch 6 series launched with a new proprietary system for connecting the smartwatch strap. Instead of the regular QuickRelease pins featured on the previous generations, these straps have a button to connect the strap. Here’s all the details on the new Galaxy Watch 6 straps.

Can I use standard straps on the Galaxy Watch 6?

Just because the Galaxy Watch 6 comes with a new sort of strap, doesn’t mean the old straps don’t fit. In fact, the Galaxy Watch 6 is compatible with all standard 20mm watch straps. This means you can use your old strap from the Watch 4 or Watch 5 on your new Galaxy Watch 6.

The new system uses a button to connect and disconnect the strap. But the engineering behind connecting the strap is still the same. It uses a 20mm pin connector to connect to the watch. Just like older Samsung watches, a Perfect Fit strap will fill the gaps between your watch and the straps. 

new connector

The new button on the strap in detail.

What strap will fit on my Galaxy Watch 6?

You can use any 20mm watch strap to connect to your Galaxy Watch 6. No matter which version or size, the strap connector is a standard 20mm size. This has been the standard since the Galaxy Watch 4 series. Before this, a combination of 20mm and 22mm straps was used by Samsung.

You can view Galaxy Watch 6 straps on the following pages:

How does the new strap connector for the Galaxy Watch 6 work?

Wondering how to change your new Galaxy Watch 6 strap? It’s actually quite easy. Simply push the button on the strap until the strap disconnects. The button will retract the pins that hold the strap into place.

Replacing your strap will depend on which kind of strap you’ve got. Got a Galaxy Watch 6 strap? Simply depress the button until the pins are sufficiently retracted. Next, insert the strap and line it up with the connectors. Let go of the button and make sure the strap is attached.

If you’ve got a standard 20mm connector, simply retract the pin by moving the QuickRelease system with your fingernail. Next, insert the strap and line it up with the connectors. Let go of the pins once they’re lined up and make sure the strap is properly attached.

Is the new Galaxy Watch 6 strap connector easier to use?

Samsung marketed the new strap for the Galaxy Watch 6 series well. They claim it’s a simple solution that clicks right into place. But how easy is the new strap connector to use? Is it an improvement over the old system?

In our opinion, the new button on the straps is similar in use to the old QuickRelease pins. Both systems are not perfect to use, and can be finicky to attach or remove your strap. The button is not bad, but certainly not as easy as Samsung claims. 

So overall, we aren’t too bothered about the new strap connector system. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below. We welcome the new change, though. Even if it is not the major improvement Samsung claims it to be.

In summary

The Galaxy Watch 6 straps feature a new button on the back of the strap. The engineering behind the straps is still the same, so your old 20mm straps will still connect perfectly. There's a large assortment of Galaxy Watch straps to choose from.

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