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By Johnno, 23 april 2024

Garmin Lily 2 vs Lily 1: Which is better?

Some time ago, Garmin released the Garmin Lily 1. The new version of this sleek smartwatch has now arrived in the UK market. This new Lily, predictably called the Lily 2, is more expensive, but does that mean it’s also better? 

The specifications are very similar, and so are its functions. Still, the Lily 2 has improved since the Lily 1. In this blog we’ll explain the differences and improvements.

Garmin Lily 2 vs Lily 1: Specifications

The Garmin Lily 1 and 2 are both designed for active women, or those who want to become more active. They are not the most advanced at tracking fitness and health, but they can still be a great tool to help you live a more active life. This is in part due to the specifications listed below.


Garmin Lily 2

Garmin Lily 1

Battery life

5 days max.

5 days max.

Strap material


Leather (Classic) or silicone (Sport)


24.4 grams

24.0 grams


35 x 35 x 10 mm

34,5 x 34,5 x 10mm

Display size

25 x 21 mm

25 x 21 mm

Display resolution

240 x 201 pixels

240 x 201 pixels

garmin lily 2 price


There’s not much difference in the specifications between the Lily 2 vs Lily 1. So what about the design? The most immediate difference is the strap material. Most Garmin Lily 2s sold today come with a silicone strap. The Lily 1 was usually sold with a leather strap instead.

The Lily 2 is still available with a leather strap though, in the form of the Garmin Lily 2 Classic. If you prefer a Lily 1 silicone strap, you can get one by purchasing the Lily 1 Sport. There’s also plenty of Garmin Lily 1 straps and Garmin Lily 2 straps available through third parties. 

The strap connectors between the Lily 1 and Lily 2 are very different, so swapping out your old strap onto a new Lily 2 is not possible. The Lily 1 uses a proprietary strap connector whereas the Lily 2 has a more conventional 14mm strap held in place by pins. 

The Lily 2 comes in a few new colours. The aluminium case can be had in lilac, gold, silver, or bronze. The case is now all aluminium as opposed to the polymer case of the Lily 1. Quite the upgrade!


The Garmin Lily 2 and Lily 1 both sport very similar functions when it comes to the smart part of the watch. There is however a big point to note here regarding the Garmin Lily 2 Classic. This version now has Garmin Pay availability, meaning you can pay using your smartwatch. Garmin Pay is not available on the Lily 1, or the Lily 2 base (sport) model.

The fitness functions between the Lily 2 vs Lily 1 are quite similar indeed. They will both keep track of your daily steps, and can be set up to alert you if you haven’t been active in some time. Neither the Lily 2 nor the Lily 1 has a GPS module built into the watch, which means you’ll have to carry your phone if you want to keep track of location, speed, and route, when walking, running, or cycling.

A minor upgrade to the Lily 2, it has some more fitness modes including Zumba and EDM. These modes are not available on the Lily 1. 


Another difference is of course the price. It’s been some years since the Lily 1 was released, so the price of the Lily 2 has been adjusted for inflation. The increase is not as major as we’ve seen with other smartwatches, but can still make the difference if you’re on a budget.

  • Garmin Lily 2 Standard: £ 249,99 
  • Garmin Lily 2 Classic:  £ 269.99
  • Garmin Lily 1 Sport: Unavailable
  • Garmin Lily 1 Classic: £ 229,99

Frequently asked question about Garmin Lily 2 vs Lily 1

What is the difference between Garmin Lily and Lily 2?

The Garmin Lily 1 has received an upgrade in the form of a Lily 2. There’s not that much difference, the Lily 2 has a new look including a new aluminium case. If you splash out on the Garmin Lily 2 Classic you can now use Garmin Pay.

When was the Garmin Lily 2 released

The Garmin Lily 2 was announced as CES 2024 by Garmin, and follows the Garmin Lily 1 which was released in 2021. The Garmin Lily 2 eventually released to UK markets in Januari of 2024. 

Is the Garmin Lily worth buying?

The Garmin Lily and Lily 2 are very unique smartwatches designed for women. Its unique look and small stature has given it a loyal following. 

In summary

The differences between the Garmin Lily 2 and Lily 1 are not easy to find. Both models are quite similar in appearance, although the Lily 2 now has an all aluminium case. The main difference comes in the Lily 2 Classic which now has Garmin Pay as an option.

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